“You Say Tom-aaah-toe …”

… I say Tom-rrrh-toe“.

An overstuffed lavender suitcase with cream polka dots flew home to Philadelphia yesterday accompanied by Dee. Filled with tourist trinkets, location T’s, and packed full of memories. Thus officially ends the Road Trip adventure. But, not my Phoenix, Arizona, South West, new life adventure. That is just starting.

Dee departed not before a full Dee-Day, (a day doing-what-Dee-wanted-to-do, day). A Day that rose to 91˚ and settled to 60˚… and this is March. A day that started with a 5:30 a.m. text from my buddy, Kevin, with a message … “Sup?” and I responded with … “I am now!!!” … and continued with … “S_ _ _. I keep forgetting about the time change thing“. A day that also included breakfast on my terrace and lunch at Brio, in Scottsdale’s Quarter, seated outdoors, but sensibly in the shade. A shopping day that included a visit to the Apple Scottsdale store for Dee to buttonhole an endlessly patient clerk with her many questions about her new iPhone 4G, a visit to West Elm to see a modular sectional that may just work for me, and many “retro“, consignment stores in old, downtown Phoenix. Safe to say that Dee and I depart on our opinions of ‘what is old is new again‘. In my book, ‘what is old is because someone died and left it and I don’t want someones old s _ _ _ anymore!‘ My skin itches just thinking about it. Maybe it’s a character flaw, but I like new. A day that ended with a quick dip in my complex’s swimming pool and a soak in their hot tub. Going to like it here, me thinks.

And Dee’s impression of Phoenix, my new home? “Phoenix is  huge“, was one comment, “I don’t think I have ever heard so many song birds in one place“, was another, “going to have to get used to living surrounded by others“, was yet another. And my impressions as a second debut? “There is something about Palm trees that just makes it“. In contrast, Albuquerque, NM, had not a single one. If you are going to be flooded with endless sunshine, swimming pools and “movie stars“, shouldn’t Palm trees follow?

I could not summarize this Road Trip blog without making some acknowledgments. Firstly, to Dave, my perennially patient,  Apple Guru who suggested it. I initially thought he had abandoned his firm grip on reality and I had many things to do that did not include learning a new app. and figuring out what to write. “What on earth would I write about?” was my thought and comment. I don’t seem to have had a problem there. Perhaps Dave saw something in me that I had not discovered. Secondly, to all my ACAMUG, Apple User Group pals that have followed me faithfully and have lost their favorite “Apple-Crabapple“. Bored yet? Miss me yet? Thirdly, to my HOA buddies, Darlene, Pat and Henry who have been endlessly loyal in their daily read and comments of my blog. Know that I have happily swum in your support, encouragement and advise. And, yes, I will ‘let you down easily‘ and continue this blog in the form of a journal. Perhaps weekly? Fourthly, to my parents who would support and encourage me even if they have deep seated concerns. I know that they have travelled with me every inch of every road and every adventure. I have enjoyed our Skype sessions, mostly spent talking to the tops of their heads as they peered over road maps to track my progress, with devoted interest that only loving parents can summon. Fifthly, to Tickie, my “trusty steed“, Toyota Yaris Liftback, that I grow ever more fond of with each passing trouble free mile. You have no idea how grateful I am that you made every hill, every gradient, every cliff and every mountain, every long mile willingly and without a blip, murmur nor breakdown (!)

Last, but not least … my friend, Dorothy, Dotty, Dee. Let’s just say that there were no perfect people on this trip, especially me. Despite our many, many differences and cemented peccadilloes, we really have so much in common. Sometimes the spoken word is impotent, the written word potent. Sometimes you don’t realize that the one that’s always standing there in support, in encouragement, in help and in advise is your true friend. The one that surrenders her agenda to support yours. The one full of endless advise, (did she stop talking yet?), good womanly advise that men instinctively dismiss outright and then slowly come to understand its validity. A less generous acquaintance would have bet real money that Dee would never make this trip. She failed to acknowledge Dee’s determination to ride shotgun. I am grateful for everything that Dee has done. Every second researching, every minute planning, every hour advising and suggesting. Every thought and consideration to the wealth of zip-lock bags, to the stolen lunch packs to the off-road oddities that I was led to and would have bypassed. You are an adventure, Dee, and an inspiration. I am honored to have you as my friend. Thank you my co-pilot, my loyal BFF.


Final Stats:-

Miles Traveled:- 3,871

Total Gas Purchased:- $330

Average MPG:- 39


About Gerre

I am a person in transition. Sold my NJ home and heading for my new place in AZ. My "do over" as my friend Dee calls it. Life is about transitions. This is my latest.
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5 Responses to “You Say Tom-aaah-toe …”

  1. Darlene says:

    Again – WOW – great picture of the 2 of you. Everyone should have a friend like Dee.
    Looking forward to further posts – if you choose too. Take care and good luck.

  2. Pat Dodson says:

    To confirm that you made a good decision to leave NJ, we have had 2 delightful Spring days with snow expected later in the week. No palm trees here. Loved your trip. I feel like I know Dee by now. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without her. Hope she got back safe and sound. Wait until she sees snow this week. I’ll check this space every morning, waiting for news. Who is going to advise you now that Dee is gone? Wear a hat. Use sun screen. Drink lots of water. Notice what the natives wear, and do the same. Long sleeves will keep the sun off. Don’t get into any political discussions! Things are different in Arizona. Now, go out there and enjoy yourself.

  3. Judy Branin says:

    The song birds have returned, the tree buds are swollen, the daffodils are tall and proud. The temperature is perfect.  The pine sap is running, filling the air with its perfume. Springtime in South Jersey, won’t miss it for the world. 

  4. Kim, Pentti and Victoria says:

    I am so happy that you made it safe to your new home. I truly enjoyed your writing it was like a suspense novel, I couldn’t wait to read what exciting adventure you both would be getting into next. Sounded like you and Dee had a great time together. I loved all of the pictures, the sites were beautiful especially the Canyon. The ballon ride had me in stitches. LOL….Keep in touch….Kim

  5. Melissa says:

    I can’t believe you’re there! How awesome 🙂 SOMEDAY….Tim and I will come visit you, kids in tow! The Grand Canyon has always been on a “bucket list” and now we have even more of a reason to get out to Arizona! Enjoy your sunshine and think of us Cape May-ers freezing our butts off STILL (it’s almost April!!!).

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