“T” Time …


“T” for Texas and “T” for T-shirts. Hopefully we will get to wear them soon. If it wasn’t for a cutting wind, the general warmer climes in Texas would afford me my long awaited “Nah, nah, na, na, nah” moment. It’s warmer here, so there all you Easterners !!! And speaking of warmer climes, I received a call today from La Serena at Toscana, my future home. They have certified mail for me. Took the opportunity to ask about an earlier move in date before the scheduled 15th. “Sorry, new carpets are being installed on the 14th“. New carpets, huh? And I thought constant sunshine would be bonus enough.

Despite my posted comments, teasing and gentle jabs, Dee and I have fallen into an easy and familiar routine. Always our trusted Hampton Inn searched for on the GPS or iPhone. Dee grabs the hand trolley and we load it the same way … my bag, my iMac, Dee’s bag and then pile on camera case, satchel, doggie bag, cooler and push. Unpack and boot up the iMac, get on-line, download the photos, go to dinner and then blog time. Dee quietly, (and wisely), disappears to read in the lobby and to make new friends. (She talks to everyone and truly could befriend a lamp). The morning is almost as military. I rise at six, complete the photo uploads, make just enough noise as I leave for my lobby breakfast as cue for Dee to rise and shower before I return. Then I complete my ablutions in peace as Dee breakfasts. Finally we plan and “discuss” the day’s travels before packing up the iMac, Dee grabbing the trolley … my bag, my iMac, Dee’s bag and then pile on camera case, satchel, doggie bag, cooler and push snatching the Hampton’s as-you-go-Breakfast bags for our subverted as-you-go-free-Lunch.

Through an Oklahoma, misty morn, we made a brief stop at Express Ranch in Yukon; a Clydesdale Horse Ranch. Handsome dray horses resting between show season. This is the land of Rose Rock and Red Mud. Everywhere. Sticking and clinging and hurling. A brief stop at the Cherokee Trading Post to indulge in exploitive, tribal commercialism and see both real and painted Bison. Then the start of a full day of driving towards Amarillo, Texas with distractions from anything vaguely “Old Route 66” starting with the official Route 66 Museum in Elk City, OK. A missed 40 West sign after a pit stop in Shamrock, Texas, found us by chance at a restored Route 66, Conoco Gas station. Once Dee spotted a sign for the real and almost extinct, route 66, we were diverted to trace it in fact. The original route 66 was laid concrete so it sounds like … car-dunk, car-dunkcar-dunkcar-dunk. That may have been a’ la mode in 1926, but for 2011 … let’s just say that the diversion was limited. But, Dee checked off another item on her bucket list and we soon returned to the official Route 40 West.

Things are bigger in Texas. Really, really big. Like the horizon stretches so far you could almost see Japan. And apart from a sea of dried grass, undulating hills, endless galloping tumbleweed, far scattered farmsteads with lonely windmills like sad sunflowers … there was nothing to see. Endlessly. Strangely, it had an odd appeal. All this nothingness for miles upon mile upon mile. We did, of course, take in the sights. Three stetson wearing state troupers at a gas stop. The “Leaning Tower of Texas“. Who knew? And, finally, the “Cadillac Ranch” … not to be mistaken with the Mustang Ranch of another notoriety entirely. A long row of 1950s Cadillacs upended and partly buried in an open field. I guess the appeal is as Route 66 as one can get. Perhaps this will satisfy Pat and her quest for us to see the “Biggest Ball of Yarn“. And the final “T”. “T” for TIC. 66313 miles on the clock and 2,232 miles covered on this journey. And still going strong.

Tomorrow onwards to Santa Fe and then Taos or Taos and then Santa Fe’. “Remind me, Dee where we shall bee“.


About Gerre

I am a person in transition. Sold my NJ home and heading for my new place in AZ. My "do over" as my friend Dee calls it. Life is about transitions. This is my latest.
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3 Responses to “T” Time …

  1. Pat Dodson says:

    Now I’ve seen it all! Suave, cosmopolitan Brit, Gerre smiling at the Cadillac Ranch. Mad dogs and Englishmen should stay out of the noonday sun. Better buy a Stetson before you proceed into the desert. LOVE this trip!

  2. Henry says:

    This is sort of like ” Winston Churchill meets the Griswald’s” only thing missing is a soundtrack playing “Holiday Road”. Looks like great fun , just watch out for UFO’s in New Mexico one sighting of “the tic ” and they may become very courious.

  3. Darlene says:

    Love the pictures. I drove on the original Route 66 back in 1966 – driving from NJ to Texas to join Mike at Fort Hood following our marriage – not too many Interstates in those days. The trip sounds wonderful – again drive safe. Darlene

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