My Life as a Cube …

My U-Pack “Relocube” finally arrived just before dusk instead of the planned just before noon schedule. Perfect timing as it turned out. The longest flat-bed truck I have ever seen with one minuscule, metal “cube” sitting all alone like the last Boarding School boy waiting to be picked up at end-of-term. Isolated and alone. That’s what my life comes down to? This tiny metal box? Everything that I own, my “sum total”, all in this tiny box?

As it turns out, it’s not so small at closer inspection. Like a large Dr Who phone box. With the help of a large wheeled fork-lift, the “pod” was placed near my front porch and garden path. The double swing doors facing the side for some reason. I was just glad to have it arrive so I can start loading and feeling like I was going to get this all done. My wonderful Real estate agent-come-friend-come-mover helped he move the one item that I could not manage on my own. My Queen size mattress. And then the snow fell. Well. At least I won’t have any doubts about why I will be happy to be on the road next week.


About Gerre

I am a person in transition. Sold my NJ home and heading for my new place in AZ. My "do over" as my friend Dee calls it. Life is about transitions. This is my latest.
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